About Us

Who Are We?

That Guy’s Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster located in downtown Paris, Texas.  We have been roasting small batches of coffee for friends and family since 2006 and for the Paris Bakery since 2008.  In 2009, we bought and renovated an historic building in downtown Paris and began expanding our wholesale and retail business. In 2010 we added a fundraising division to our business.  Our strong belief is that there is no better coffee than a cup brewed with fresh, locally roasted beans.

Using only the finest green coffee beans we can find from small, eco-friendly farms around the world, we roast to order in small batches.  We keep a careful eye on the bean as it roasts to control the quality and darkness.  You can order our coffee online, and you can purchase our coffee at Paris Bakery (120 North Main, Paris, Texas) by the cup or by the bag.  Come back to the website often to order coffee and to see what’s new at That Guy’s Coffee.

Who Is That Guy?

“All I wanted was a really good, fresh cup of coffee, and there wasn’t one to be found in Paris, Texas.  So in 2006, I started roasting my own.  I began with a twenty-five dollar Whirley Pop popcorn popper and my backyard grill.  (When they roast, coffee beans billow up a fierce kind of smoke, wonderful to smell, but hard to take in enclosed spaces.)  Once I wore out that Whirley Pop, I set to work on the grill itself.  Using a 50 rpm gear drive motor and parts I salvaged from a turkey fryer, I built my own coffee roaster.  My “quality control” over the three-pound batches consisted of a digital timer, a probe thermometer, and keen eyes and ears.  I began roasting darned good coffee.  I’ve since graduated from my homemade roaster to a five kilo shop roaster and set up shop in downtown Paris, Texas.Come by the shop (The pot is always on!) to sample the coffee, buy a bag, learn about roasting, or just to enjoy that nothing-else-like-it smell of the batch just roasted.”

Gerald Hutchings 2010